Rain Makes Applesauce


[Rain Makes Applesauce, by Julian Scheer & Marvin Bileck (Illustrator)]

My son and I stood on the corner watching the light of the solid red hand on the other side of the busy street.

Letting out a slow, long, tired sigh I said, “Rain. Rain. Rain.” Without missing a beat, he looked up, reached out his arms as if to invite the rain in and said, “So. So. So. So what about the rain?”

We waited together.  Silently, as I thought, so what about the rain?  It is wet.  It is grey.  It literally has the power to dampen my spirit.  It weighs me down.  It makes me feel flat.  Lifeless.

The light switched over to the white man, giving the signal that it was safe to cross.   Excitedly, he ran.  Somewhat dejected, I walked to the library.  Where I found myself searching through the children’s books for one particular book, Rain Makes Applesauce.  I didn’t find it before my son had found what he was looking for and was ready to move on.  Move on we did, but not before I placed a hold on the book.  I felt a real need to read it again.  To see it again.

With his stack of books in hand, we headed to our local coffee shop.  In a quiet moment I asked my son why he had said, “So. So. So.” when I had said, ”Rain. Rain. Rain.” I asked him what the rain meant to him.  Again, without missing a beat, he said, “Fun”.

No surprise really.  This is a boy who still loves splashing through puddles.  Who is inspired by the rain to play fire fighter with the garden hose.  Who runs through the pouring rain dodging raindrops.  And who ran through the rain on his way home from the coffee shop, telling me that he was riding the waves on his surfboard.

A few days later my book arrived at the library.  The silly talk, like, “The stars are made of lemon juice” and “Elbows grow on a tickle tree”. The whimsical illustrations.  As in times before, they gave me that feeling of wonder.  It all came together.  I had seen a young boy welcome the rain with open arms, and he had a message.  Life does not have to be grey, lifeless and dreary, like my outlook on the rain had been.  Life is fun, lively, nourishing.   Adults too can feed their imagination.

The natural wisdom of a child.  A reminder to live a life full of wonder.  Much easier said than done.  Absolutely.  But, the next time life rains, I will remind myself that Rain Makes Applesauce.

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