[weekending with Amanda over at the habit of being]

a little walk in the woods, after a goodbye
followed by an ice cream cone, dessert before dinner, rare, but in order for this day

borrowed more, new to my son, Titanic books from the library
who knew that  would even be possible, dozens of Titanic books in recent weeks

my heart melted at the sight of the babies at the local farm, lambs, goats and a calf
stroked the ever so soft fur of the baby goats, heart melted even more

heard a lady say, “Where did you get that sweater? It looks gorgeous on you.”
then realized she was speaking to me

watched the sparkle in my son’s eyes and the bounce in his run
as he rushed to the big red barn
he had just heard the announcement, time to milk Lima the jersey cow

we both had a fit of bedtime reading giggles
I said “slubmarine” instead of “submarine”

his cold is back, a quiet day was in order
did laundry and removed cat fur from the bed linens
a sign that she cuddles close in the night, just how I like it

listened to the sounds of racing, no make that crashing, hot wheels cars
played balloon soccer on the bed, twice

finished knitting my cell phone sleeve, cornflower blue
now I get to feel the ever so soft baby alpaca wool every day

read another magic tree house book, the third one this weekend

and now, for me, an early night


And your weekend?



    • lovely weekend, that it was … wonderful to ‘see’ you here, thanks for visiting.

    • This was a wonderful compliment from a perfect stranger, but unfortunately not for a sweater made by me. I am a knitter, but rarely am I the recipient of my work! Thanks for visiting.

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