45 Things …


A few things, 45 to be precise, that you may not know about me, the ‘Kat’ behind this space I call Pipkin Hollow.

  1. i was an accountant
  2. and my alter ego is Jane Goodall.
  3. i have performed on the flying trapeze
  4. and i sing twinkle twinkle little star every day.
  5. i am an introvert
  6. and a thinker.
  7. i read slowly
  8. and chalk that up to reading university texts for five years.
  9. i am an unraveller
  10. and a knitter.
  11. i wear progressive lenses
  12. and my son is my clearest mirror.
  13. i like to read children’s books, just for me
  14. and i could spend days inside Powell’s Books.
  15. i am sensitive to noise
  16. and have unusually large pupils.
  17. i love being a mama
  18. but have had moments when i just wanted to run from it all.
  19. i am finding my way back to me
  20. and am intrigued by Zen Buddhism and Taoism.
  21. i learned that a child can hold bowel movements for a month, over and over again
  22. and  i cried when i heard, ”mummy, i think i’ve solved the poo problem”.
  23. i believe in the healing power of homeopathy and play therapy
  24. and i do not believe in sticker charts.
  25. i believe less is more
  26. and i do not like the word ‘should’.
  27. i have a fear of water
  28. but have gone white water rafting.
  29. i swam with dolphins
  30. and want to cuddle a baby chimpanzee.
  31. i have a thing for red doors
  32. and fancy myself driving a vintage red Volkswagen bug, convertible of course.
  33. i do not like to vacuum
  34. and i have a limited repertoire when it comes to cooking.
  35. i have jumped out of a plane
  36. and want to walk a labyrinth.
  37. i am drawn to a bohemian style
  38. but have not found it for myself, yet.
  39. i need time on my own
  40. and love that my local cafe knows my name, and my drink.
  41. i want to build a straw bale home
  42. and dream of creating a retreat for children and parents.
  43. i believe in the wisdom of a child
  44. and that one person can make a difference.
  45. AND, last but not least, i was born in England 45 years ago today.



  1. happy, happy {belated at this point} birthday to you!!!
    this is such a lovely, lovely post…you are a fabulous woman!
    this one “and my son is my clearest mirror”…love.


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