Lucky Elephant ~ 5/52 ~


[Joining Bella Cirovic at 52 Photos Project - Week 5:  Pink]

Pink is not my colour.  I look around me and I am hard pressed to find anything pink to point my camera at.  Quite interesting really, as this blog design, which I love, is based on pink.

To my surprise, this prompt immediately brought images of childhood to my mind.  Suddenly, I could taste, smell, hear, touch and see childhood pink.

chewy Dubble Bubble, popping
thick strawberry milkshakes, melting
sticky cotton candy, dissolving
pink candy popcorn, crunching

I hadn’t thought of these things in years.  So when, the very next day, I saw boxes and boxes of Lucky Elephant pink candy popcorn stacked up at the check-out counter of our grocery store, I knew I had my pink photograph.  Somehow this one little word, pink, had me taking the time to pause and truly feel the fun, carefree, playful nature of childhood.  To feel that sense of childhood wonder is a gift.  I love how photography can take me to such moments.

And yes, the pink candy popcorn tasted just as I had remembered.  Sweet.



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