Colourful Sight ~ 9/52 ~


[Joining Bella Cirovic at 52 Photos Project - Week 9:  Summertime Colours]

I recently walked through my neighbourhood, along the same sidewalks and paths that I have walked literally thousands of times before, yet with the guidance of Susannah Conway in her “Exploring the Senses” e-course, it was like I stepped into a whole new world.

A world where I found beauty in a discarded red bottle cap that was nestled in the lush green grass of the soccer field.  A world where I was absolutely thrilled to find both my initials together, in the right order, on a weathered license plate.

I looked high and low.
I found summertime colour.
And shapes.
And beauty in the everyday.

Is this the view of the world as seen through the eyes of a child?  Full of wonder and awe.  Yes, I believe so.  And by slowing down and truly opening my eyes, I have discovered that this view is not reserved just for children.


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