A Week of Gratitude


This week I quietly noticed moments.  Moments of gratitude.  Some big, some little.  But each a treasure.

:: i am grateful for ::

 homemade meatloaf, compliments of my husband
morning wake up calls at a time that started with a six {instead of a 5 or even a 4}
an effortless return to school after a week long break
the courage to publish this post
learning to crochet
the start of a new {for our home} project
a latte already in-the-making before I even ordered it
{yes, i am a creature of habit}
the sound of windshields being scraped, it means the air is clear and crisp
our local library
the sight of a little boy’s pudgy cheeks, bouncing as he ran
the look in the sky, the one that says snow may arrive soon
the sound of a boy’s sweet giggles coming through the phone line
the opportunity to share in this lantern walk
lavender floral & mint dish soap
discovering my voice, in this space
the unconditional love of my furry feline friend
her deep, rumbling purrs that go on endlessly

:: i am grateful for ::
my son
he is happy, healthy, pain-free
smart and loving and caring
quirky, in the sweetest possible way
he is my best teacher
and just last night he told me that he loves me more than i love him
but i don’t think that is possible

:: i am grateful for ::
my husband
he is kind, gentle
a self proclaimed softie
stronger, than he knows
he is my friend
he makes me laugh {and cry}
and he is willing to grow with me

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~ Thornton Wilder

Thank you Michelle.
Gratitude Week opened my heart to some of my treasures.


  1. kat, i do believe there are tears in my eyes just now.
    love to you…and thank you for joining in. the treasures you have shared here are pure and wonderful.

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