Missing: 10 Days


10 days lost.  Lost to a horrible wave of flu.  First me, then my son, then my husband.

10 days lost.  Lost to my son kicking and screaming in bed.  Repeatedly crying out for help.  The fevers, aches+pains, headaches, coughs, nausea all just too much for his highly sensitive self.  Lost to my son’s anxiety.  An anxiety that left him motionless, refusing fluids, refusing food.  All his way to make sure he would not throw up.

10 days lost.  Lost to sleepless night, after sleepless night, after sleepless night.  Lost to watching my son grow weaker and weaker.  Lost to a 9-1-1 call, an ambulance ride, an IV and blood work.

10 days lost.  Lost to feeling physically weak, but emotionally weaker.  Lost to self-doubt.  Feeling completely inadequate as a mother and caregiver.

10 days lost.  Lost to isolation.  The isolation of the long, dark hours of the night that left me literally scared for my son’s life.

We are all surfacing.  Regaining physical strength.  Yet these 10 days lost have left me feeling scared.  Empty.  Shaken.  Fragile.  Struggling to trust that we are actually returning to {our version of } normal. 


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