Black & White ~ 7/52 ~


[Joining Bella Cirovic at 52 Photos Project - Week 7:  Black & White]

I have been snapping photographs all week.  Ones I hoped would evoke the sense of quiet that draws me right into black and whites.  Yet nothing felt right.  Instead I kept picturing a stack of black and white photographs that have been stored away inside a box.  I shot them over ten years ago now while at the Portland Zoo, but something about this prompt, this week, had me digging them out so I could share a few here.

While they are far from perfect, they speak to me.  To my curiosity for manual photography.  To my love of black and white images.  To my passion and connection to animals.

In unearthing these black and whites I have re-discovered a little piece of me that had been quietly lost.  So, this prompt, this week … an invitation for me to get out the camera bag that is tucked away in a closet, dust off my cameras, both from the 60′s, and revive that part of me that loves the deliberate, the technical, and the creative that can be found in manual film photography


Darkness and Light ~ 6/52 ~


[Joining Bella Cirovic at 52 Photos Project - Week 6:  Light in the Dark]

A rainy day.
A string of lights.
Dark and light together, creating magic.

A child’s pain.
A mother’s love.

A mother’s despair.
A child’s strength.

Traditional doctors with little time to listen.
A small, but dedicated community of alternative health care individuals.

Dark and light together, creating hope and a path to healing, for him and me.