Hello, I am Kat.  A mama, wife, daughter, former accountant, and now, creator of Pipkin Hollow.

I live on the west coast of Canada, and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  I am a listener and thinker.  An adventurous introvert that feels a deep connection to animals.  I have a weakness for chocolate and I am certain that many blog posts will be pondered over a latte from my local coffeehouse.  Knitting is my meditation, unless I have dropped a stitch somewhere along the way.  Words that speak to me include simplicity, zen, quirky, mindful, whimsical, vintage and alternative.

My Journey to Pipkin Hollow

They say life changes when you have a child.  My logical, business educated mind knew this.  But little did I really know.

Little did I know that my son would soon struggle with debilitating anxiety.  My days would soon be tightly woven with complete exhaustion, despair, noise, guilt, fear, powerlessness, anger, resentment and hopelessness.  I would soon be reading books about childhood anxiety, highly sensitive children and asperger’s syndrome.

And, little did I know, that through it all, this precious, strong boy would start to heal himself, and in turn teach me about life, about myself.  With him I discovered the support of the Waldorf community.  With him I found the courage to hand back my accounting certificate and let go of an unfulfilling career.  With him I am now discovering my voice, and learning to listen to my own heart.  With him I am now journeying closer to myself.

I created Pipkin Hollow to share my experiences, my stories of motherhood.  Authentically.  Creatively.  Simply.  To keep my heart open to the life lessons of those stories.  To nurture and inspire, even just a little, the healing and growth of others on a similar path.

Imagine a quiet, warm corner of the woods, an enchanted place, and you have found Pipkin Hollow.  A retreat for connection and renewal.  A place to explore and discover new paths.  Welcome!